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How to set your rate (free download)

How to set your rate (free download)

You’ve seen a zillion articles that agonize over complicated hourly consulting rate calculations written by people who charge middle-of-the-road prices (the same people who are either afraid to or don’t know how to compete at the top of their market). If you want to charge mediocre rates, look elsewhere. If you choose to keep reading,… Continue Reading

Monthly Income Update: April 2011

This post is a little later than originally planned, but in any case, here are the numbers for what I billed for time worked in April: Total billed: $14,772.50 Number of clients billed:  9 Average amount billed per client:  $1,641.39 Average hourly rate:  $150.00/hour Total billed hours:  98.5 For comparison, in March 2011, my billed… Continue Reading

You DON’T need a big emergency fund to start a business

For a lot of people, when they ask, “How can I start a consulting business?” they assume that they need a big load of cash in an emergency fund–generally about 3-6 months’ worth of their current salary.  This is a popular assumption, and given that it takes most folks a long time to save that… Continue Reading

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