Monthly Archives: June 2011

How football player Danous Estenor lifted a car: the key to accomplishing the impossible

University of South Florida offensive lineman Danous Estenor had just stopped for a bite to eat at a campus restaurant when he heard screaming outside.  He ran to the scene to find a towtruck driver pinned under a Cadillac.  Three other people were trying in vain to lift the car.  Estenor tried too, but couldn’t […]

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The 7 best things about starting a consulting business

There are a bunch of things I love about consulting businesses, but today, I’m going to talk about the 7 best things about starting a consulting business.  So let’s go! 1.  Extremely low start-up costs There are tons of business opportunities out there, but consulting ranks among the lowest for start-up costs.  While you could spend […]

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