Monthly Archives: October 2011

23 months + 14 clients = $100k (working part-time)

How I earned my first $100k working part-time I’m pretty curious, and one of my favorite things to learn about is people’s work–especially successful people. I’m particularly interested in how successful people started out, since that’s typically the most difficult part of the journey. After all, when you start a business, you don’t have a… Continue Reading

Would you turn down $80k? Why you should care about SEO

I recently wrote an article on FreeLance Switch called “Do You Care About SEO? How About $80k in New Sales?” where I talk about how doing relatively simple SEO on my consulting website returned over $80k in new business. Now, I know the whole deal about “results not being typical…”, but nevertheless, $80k is nothing… Continue Reading

What you don’t know WILL hurt you: how to stop being stuck, and start or grow your business

Feeling stuck? I’ve talked to lots of consultants and freelancers, and whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while, at some point, you’ll feel stuck. Maybe you haven’t yet started your business, and are overwhelmed, worried of failing, or doubt you can succeed. Maybe you’re already in business, but want… Continue Reading

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