Monthly Archives: November 2011

Big announcement: you asked for it, here it is: The Start-Up Blueprint

Thanks to all who took the recent survey and told me what you’d find most useful. I’ve taken the results of that survey, and created the Start-Up Blueprint: From Zero To Launch. Originally, I had planned to create a start-up checklist, but once I began working on it, realized that a simple checklist wouldn’t be… Continue Reading

The results are in: here’s what you asked for

Thanks to all of you who took the recent survey asking you for your top challenges & biggest problems in your businesses! The info from the survey was fascinating, and it was clear that there are some common themes & problems that many of you struggle with. If you missed it and would like to… Continue Reading

Why you don’t have any clients (and proven steps to get some)

You’ve started your business, and maybe have been open for months–or years–but things are slow. You get a bit of consulting work every now and then, but can’t seem to get things off the ground. Maybe you’ve even wondered whether you should throw in the towel and just go back to a day job. Like… Continue Reading

Shut up, lizard brain!

There are 2 people living in your head, always watching out for trouble:  Fear and Rationalization. Before you discount them, keep in mind that they can be very persuasive. Both Fear and Rationalization come from your lizard brain. Before I talk more about Fear and Rationalization, I need to tell you a bit about your lizard… Continue Reading

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