Monthly Archives: December 2011

Don’t sabotage yourself in the New Year: how to create your breakthrough (plus 3 announcements)

Stop reading the news–it’s just full of stories about how the economy still sucks. Besides, bellyaching about the global, national, state, or even your local economy doesn’t do anything for your bank account. Stop complaining–it’ll only sabotage your efforts. You care most about your own personal economy. And guess what? You have a lot of… Continue Reading

Consulting Income Report: September – November 2011

Here’s the breakdown of the past few months for my consulting business:   I finally get a big payday From the chart, you can see a big spike in the amount I was paid in November. That’s because one of my biggest clients had 2 months’ worth of invoices that they finally paid in November…. Continue Reading

Why your New Year’s resolutions suck–and how to ensure success

OK, so you probably haven’t even started planning your New Year’s drunken celebration yet. No matter. I’ll bet you already have a pretty good idea of what your New Year’s resolutions will be. Planning to start your consulting business in the New Year? Beware! Your New Year’s resolution to start a business could vanish quicker than a… Continue Reading

Costly start-up mistakes I made–and how to avoid them

When I planned my business, I created a checklist of things I thought I needed to do before I was officially open for business. Since this was my first business, I didn’t know what I was doing, and ended up wasting a ton of time and money on non-essential tasks. Here’s how to avoid my mistakes…. Continue Reading

Start-Up Blueprint is HERE!

Whew! It’s finally here! The Start-Up Blueprint is available! If you already know you want the “Start-Up Blueprint: From Zero To Launch”, click the button below. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more. I’m really excited about this, because this is the blueprint I wish I had when I started out, which covers practical, hands-on tactics… Continue Reading

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