Monthly Archives: January 2012

How to get more consulting work WITHOUT doing sales: Jedi mind tricks & magic elves

magic elves

What if you could get more consulting work from clients & prospects WITHOUT doing any “sales”? You probably hate the idea of doing traditional sales–cold-calling, prospecting, and all the rest. I hate it too. But how do you get more consulting work without being sales-y? The trick isn’t to pitch the client something that they […]

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The 2 mistakes that will destroy your business, & how to create your success (plus 1 announcement)

making money on the side

Mistake #1 can destroy your business “I’m going to quit my job and start a business!” I hear it with so much enthusiasm–and being an entrepreneur, I REALLY want to encourage that optimism. But the problem is that quitting your job to start a business will almost always ensure failure. Why? Well, unless you’ve already […]

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