Big announcement: you asked for it, here it is: The Start-Up Blueprint

blueprint Thanks to all who took the recent survey and told me what you’d find most useful. I’ve taken the results of that survey, and created the Start-Up Blueprint: From Zero To Launch.

Originally, I had planned to create a start-up checklist, but once I began working on it, realized that a simple checklist wouldn’t be as useful as a more in-depth blueprint. In the coming weeks, I’ll be creating other resources as well, based on what you told me you wanted.

So, I’m finalizing the Start-Up Blueprint: From Zero To Launch, and will make the announcement tomorrow that it’s ready. I’m really excited about this, because it’s exactly the kind of guide I would have loved to have when I was starting my own consulting business.

The blueprint will consist of:

  • several videos, where I literally show you exactly what to do,
  • downloadable pdf’s, and
  • an exclusive webinar

The Start-Up Blueprint will cover:

  • planning (how to find a profitable niche & research your market),
  • marketing (how to reach clients and get billable work),
  • money stuff (funding, invoicing, time tracking, etc.),
  • work space & tools, and
  • legal stuff (setting up your legal entity, getting a federal ID number, etc.).

The problems with traditional start-up checklists

Most start-up checklists are vague. If you troll the internet, you’ll find dozens of start-up guides & checklists. But after about 10 minutes, you’ll realize that the start-up guide & checklist items are really broad and non-specific. Worse yet, the items on those checklists are usually big, vague tasks–which are just plain overwhelming, meaning there’s little chance you’ll actually do anything on those checklists.

For example, a lot of start-up checklists tell you to “get office space”. Well, holy crap, but that could take months, and doesn’t even begin to get into the details. For my tiny 1-person office, it took me several weeks of hunting and pounding the pavement–literally–to find a nice office at a good price. Besides, an office won’t do anything to bring money into your business. What’s more, when you first start, you probably won’t even need an office. So, feel free to check that item off your list right now.

See how easy this can be? Now we’re getting somewhere!

Business start-up checklists aren’t targeted at consulting and freelance businesses. My blueprint is based on the original checklist/blueprint I used when I created my own consulting business. In addition, based on my experience as well as other consultants & freelancers I’ve interviewed, I’ve edited and expanded things so that the following start-up blueprint only includes the absolute essentials to get your business started and get cash coming in.

Other checklists focus on finding funding, making extensive business plans, and market analyses. That’s all pretty traditional, but all those traditional tasks just keep you mired in the preparation phase instead of actually getting your business off the ground.

Action is what’s needed, not overblown analysis. I’m going to show you a more efficient way to get your business started.

My Start-Up Blueprint has easy, actionable tasks to get your business rolling

So, instead, my Start-Up Blueprint will be hands-on, and will focus on small, easy, manageable tasks so you can get working and start collecting cash faster.

In the Start-Up Blueprint, I’ll walk you through exactly what you need to do to figure out:

  • what you’ll provide your clients,
  • how to research a market BEFORE you spend a bunch of time and money so you can make sure you’re targeting a profitable market,
  • how to identify specific ways to reach your prospective clients,
  • how to pitch yourself to clients so that you’ll have a better chance of converting that lead into paid work,
  • how to fund your business, track your time, invoice your clients, and convert your time into cash in the bank,
  • what tools you need–at the bare minimum–to get started on billable work, and
  • how to get your business set up so that you’re all legit with the IRS, state, and local authorities.

Every business needs a blueprint

Like any business, you need a blueprint to know that you’re building the right foundation. Without an informed plan of action, your chances of success are slim.

Start-Up Blueprint launches TOMORROW

As part of the Start-Up Blueprint initial release, I’m going to hold an exclusive webinar for people who purchase the Start-Up Blueprint. The webinar will be limited to the first 15 people who buy the Start-Up Blueprint, so keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow’s launch announcement.

Ready? I can’t wait!

UPDATE: The Start-Up Blueprint is LIVE!

It’s official! The Start-Up Blueprint is here! If you already know you want it, click the button below to get access. If you want to learn more about the Start-Up Blueprint, take a closer look at what you’ll get.

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