Client Pipeline Mastery is open (for a limited time)

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The wait is over. You’ve read the articles on the top mistakes people–and maybe even you–make when trying to figure out how to get clients. Lots of you attended the webinars I’ve held during the past weeks.

In the emails and during my webinars, I’ve been telling you how I’ve been working on something big to help you get real results and finally figure out how to get clients. Now it’s ready.

The doors are open to Client Pipeline Mastery. But only through midnight Pacific time on Tuesday, 9/17/2013.

You’re struggling now (but it doesn’t have to be that way)

By far, the most common question I’m asked by you is, “how can I get clients?”

Yes, you’ve struggled with this–maybe for months or even years.

Maybe you haven’t been able to get even your first client.

Or maybe you’re frustrated and discouraged because you haven’t been able to grow your consulting business so you can create a full-time income.

You know if you don’t have a reliable way to get clients and consulting work, you’ll continue to struggle. So you keep struggling with how to get clients.

But there’s hope.

I used to have the same problem

Back in January 2007 when I started my consulting business, I found it tough to get any consulting work. It was incredibly discouraging and frustrating.

But over time, I found what worked.

I built up my business steadily, eventually quit my day job to do consulting full-time, and have more than QUADRUPLED my former salary.

I created far more financial security, freedom, and flexibility than I ever had at a day job.

Over the years, I experimented with different strategies and techniques.

I found specific strategies and techniques that reliably generated results:

  • How to identify high-value clients.
  • How to convert prospects to clients.
  • How to dramatically raise my fees and revenue.
  • How to get clients to come to me.

And now, with Client Pipeline Mastery, I’m making those proven strategies, tactics, and techniques available to you.

These are the exact strategies and tactics I’ve used to build my own business.

Your struggle with how to get clients is over

Client Pipeline Mastery is designed using the exact techniques, strategies, and tactics I’ve used to build my own consulting business.

Now, I’m opening the doors, and giving you access to the vault.

Find out more and lock in your spot.

Quick details:

  • Client Pipeline Mastery starts Monday, 9/16/2013
  • Enrollment is open now, but will close at midnight Pacific on Tuesday, 9/17/2013
  • Enrollment in the Premium Mentoring option will be limited to the first 10 people who register at that level

If you’re ready to take your consulting to the next level, click here to learn more about Client Pipeline Mastery and lock in your spot.

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