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Client Pipeline Mastery — Week 1 — Eliminate Barriers and Find A Profitable Niche

Below you’ll find the videos and corresponding audio that walk you through removing barriers, and identifying and researching a profitable consulting niche.

Here’s your quote for this week’s lesson, courtesy of Lao Tzu:

Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.

Given that this was a pretty comprehensive lesson, I’ve broken this week’s video/audio into to a couple sections.

On to the lesson!

Eliminate Barriers:

If you want to download the audio so you can listen to it on your iPod or phone, I’ve also included the audio download below:
Client Pipeline Mastery -- Week 1 -- Barriers
And last but perhaps even more important than the audio & video is the homework. To maximize your results from Client Pipeline Mastery, it’s crucial that you complete the homework. Try not to rush through it; take you time and reflect on it, and you’ll get even more out of it. Here are the links to the homework:

Client Pipeline Mastery -- Week 1 -- Homework -- BarriersClient Pipeline Mastery -- Week 1 -- Homework -- Barriers

Identify a Profitable Niche:

To access the materials, click the following link:

To view the materials on that page, you’ll need to enter the following password (it’s case-sensitive):

In addition, you’ll want to check out the following guide that walks you through identifying a laser-focused niche that’s virtually guaranteed to be profitable:
Client Pipeline Mastery -- Week 1 -- Homework -- Niche

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