Cracking the code to get clients: the next piece of the puzzle

Target your customer to get clients

Last week, I did one of the things I love doing: I did a presentation for my daughter’s 5th grade class. Now, I’ve done lots of these before, for both my kids. Over the years, I’ve led their classes on a bunch of 1/2-day outdoor field trips, where we traipse around a big canyon near the school, learning about nature, ecology, and seeing rabbits, hawks, bugs, flowers, and having a blast.

Last week was a bit different, since it was a (mostly) indoor activity focused on atoms, matter, and weather. We even played with dry ice, created actual rain in glass jars, and saw cosmic particles. The kids loved it.

Why am I telling this?

Because I want to show how building a profitable consulting business can change your life.

Back when I had a “real” job, spending a half day at my kids’ school was basically unthinkable.

I would’ve had to take a vacation day to do it. And then I would’ve been stressed and preoccupied that my boss thought I was a slacker for not being totally work-focused.

If I gave in to that pressure, I’d feel guilty that I wasn’t more involved with my kids.

It was a lose-lose.

Now though, things are different, vastly different.

What life changes do YOU want?

Some of you may want a Maserati, but what I hear from you more often is that you want more flexibility and freedom.

You want to quit your day job, increase your income, and spend more time with your family.

And all those things are completely possible for you.

But you’re not quite there yet.

And one of the reasons, probably the biggest reason, is that you haven’t cracked the code on how to get clients.

I’ll put this in perspective

As a kid, I had never started a business. Not mowing lawns, not a lemonade stand, nothing. I never thought about starting a business.

But I realized my day job wasn’t going to help me reach my dreams, and that, in fact, my day job was actually getting in the way of the things I wanted.

I saw a few colleagues start consulting, and gradually, thought I could do the same thing.

But I had a huge hurdle: I thought starting a business was something that “other” people did.

I knew I wasn’t a “natural” salesperson.

And I knew I had no experience with marketing, business strategy, selling, and everything else required to run a business.

So I made a lot of mistakes along the way.

To get clients, I tried cold-calling, and had some truly terrible, awkward, and cringe-worthy moments.

I floundered around trying to figure out how I could get clients and consulting projects.

It was stressful, incredibly frustrating, and so discouraging that sometimes I really BELIEVED I wasn’t cut out to have a business.

And I know some of you have been through these exact same struggles.

That’s exactly why I created this blog: After I cracked the code on getting clients, I wanted to help prevent others from making the same mistakes I struggled through. Problems that often push people to simply feel hopeless and give up.

Truth: creating a business is NOT an innate talent

Even Steve Jobs made mistakes, sometimes huge ones, and had to learn how to build a successful business.

Likewise, even top performers use coaches to stay at the top of their game.

Michael Jordan had a coach.

So why shouldn’t you?

Stop thinking you need to be a “natural” salesperson, or that you’re somehow limited.

Creating a business is all about learning new skills

The most crucial skill is how to get clients.

Actually, getting clients is a group of skills, combined with particular strategies and tactics.

The next piece in cracking the code to get clients

Yesterday, I told you how targeting a very specific ideal client will make it FAR easier for you to identify prospects.

Today, I’m revealing the next piece:

As you create your ideal client profile, you need to ensure that part of your criteria is that those clients are both ABLE and WILLING to pay for your services.

Without either the ability or willingness to pay, you’ll simply be frustrated chasing prospects who either don’t have any budget or aren’t willing to part with their cash.

Now, how do you figure out whether prospects are both able & willing to pay?

It’s going to depend on your specific market niche and the problems you’re solving, but generally, you’ll need to find out if prospects are spending money on things like:

  • other consultants,
  • marketing,
  • advertising,
  • upgrades,
  • business development

Next time, I’ll show a couple ways you can find out that kind of info, before you’ve even talked to a prospect.

For now

I’ve been hearing from a lot of you, and you’ve told me that cracking the code on how to get clients is the biggest challenge you’re struggling with.

So I’ll keep focused on that topic, and keep giving you real, actionable help, beyond the “go find some clients” advice that other so-called experts dole out.

Right now, email me and tell me:

  • what you’ve tried to get clients
  • how it’s worked out so far

Some of you have horror stories of cold calling nightmare conversations or networking event hell.

Whatever you’ve tried, I want to hear about it. Email me now.

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