How free ice water turned into a $10M/year business (and what it means for your consulting business)

Ice water -- give your customers what they want

In 1931, during the depths of the Great Depression, Ted Hustead opened a store in a tiny South Dakota town, population: 326, virtually all of whom were penniless. Over the following decades, Hustead grew his store into a $10 million empire, now famous throughout the world, still with one location in that nowhere South Dakota town which has, at last count, 766 people.

His secret?

Free ice water.

What does this have to do with building a profitable consulting business? Just about everything. But more on that in a minute.

A bad beginning and a big breakthrough

From the beginning, Ted barely made enough to scrape by. The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl had wiped out most of the families in town, and there was no relief in sight–certainly nothing that might help Ted’s business.

Nearly five years after opening his store, Ted, his wife, and son–and now they had new baby daughter–were no better off than when they’d first opened their store. To earn a little extra cash, Ted even resorted to studying veterinary medicine so he could help farmers with sick livestock.

But Ted’s luck changed on a hot day in July 1936.

How free ice water can help build your consulting business

As some of you might know, I in addition to this blog, I also write articles on other major websites, and I recently had an article posted on Problogger about Ted Hustead’s story. You can check out the full article here.

Now, the Problogger article–in addition to telling exactly what happened to Ted Hustead and the amazing turnaround he made with his business–is focused on building a successful blog.

However, Ted Hustead’s story ALSO applies to you and how you’re building your consulting business.

To see exactly how Ted Hustead’s story turned out, check out the Problogger article, then tell me what YOUR “free ice water” could be in your consulting business.

One last thing

As you know, I launched Breakthrough Consulting a few weeks ago, and we’re really getting into the meat of the course.

It’s been fantastic to be able to interact and talk over the phone with those of you who signed up for Breakthrough Consulting, and it’s been great to hear how you’re all moving along much faster and more productively in building a consulting business where you earn more and create more freedom and flexibility.

The 1-on-1 phone meetings, video lessons, and homework have been amazing at helping get you unstuck, get past fears, and start moving ahead in a focused way toward reaching your goals in your consulting business.

I’ve also gotten some requests from those of you who didn’t sign up for Breakthrough Consulting, and I’m still considering your requests. I’ll have more info on that in the next couple days, so stay tuned…

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