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In an earlier post, I asked if you’d be interested in me building a free consulting resources kit, since I wanted to make sure it’d be some something you wanted before I spent a ton of time making it.

Well, the response was overwhelming (THANK YOU!).

Because of the incredible outpouring of interest, I went ahead and built the free consulting resources kit, and it’s officially ready. Yep, I somehow figured out how to still do my own billable consulting hours, plus make all the cool resources in this kit, PLUS lead my daughter’s class on a hiking field trip earlier this week (it’s one of the best ways to spend a morning). Don’t ask me how I got it all done–I’m still not quite sure, though getting less sleep had something to do with it.

Like I said, your response was incredible–there’s a tangible excitement I saw in your e-mails, and it’s humbling and gratifying to know that I’m helping you on your path. I guess I shouldn’t be amazed at the number of people interested in creating a consulting business–after all, creating my consulting business is what completely transformed my own life. The more of you I talk with, the more I realize that we’re all on this journey together, working our way toward creating the kind of lifestyle we’ve dreamed about–one with more flexibility, more freedom, and earning more.

What’s included in the free consulting resources kit

  • Some of my secret and proven tactics, along with super-specific, easy-to-follow instructions to:
    • The Don’t Blink Technique: boost your rate 50% or more during your next client call
    • The Niche Success Equation: the 5-minute test to see if your niche is worthwhile
    • The Role Stacking Method: make your next prospect hungry for your services
  • A recorded interview of how I got started, how I got my first clients, how I determined my rate, and some of my marketing secrets.
  • A list of indispensable tools to help build & automate your consulting business

Whew! That’s a lot!

Like I mentioned in that earlier post, a package of resources like this would typically be sold for around $100, but I wanted to give it to you without charge, as a thank-you for all your support, and because everyone needs to have these essential tools in order to build the kind of successful consulting business that can create the kind of lifestyle you’ve been wanting and dreaming of–possibly for years.

My goal is to help you create the kind of consulting business that will give you more freedom, flexibility, income, and truly change your life.

How to get the consulting resources kit

To download all the resources, just plop your e-mail in the form below, click the button, and you’ll get access to the everything (if you’re already on the newsletter list, no worries, you’ll be taken directly to the resource kit after you complete the form below).

Your turn

After you’ve looked over the info in the kit, I’d love to hear your feedback, so please e-mail me to let me know what you think.

Oh, and stay tuned–I’ve got more cool stuff on the way…

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