New Year goals: how to get what you really want this time

New Year goals

In my last post, I asked you to tell me what your goals are for the new year.

A lot of you emailed me, and I noticed most people made a key mistake.

I’ll share both the mistake, and part 1 of a 2-part fix today (I’ll share the 2nd part in my next email).

Before we even get started though, consider WHY you want to achieve your goals?

For example, Richard M. emailed me this:

How Richard M.'s life-changing experience affected his goals

I think we all share that feeling.

For me, my dad died when he was 47 (shortly before I graduated from college).

As I get closer to the age my dad died (I’m almost there…), I have a heightened sense of urgency that I need to take action, and that I may not have much time left.

Some of you have a parent who died even younger than you are now. You might feel like you’re living on borrowed time.

Powerful stuff.

And a bit scary.

If we think about simply continuing down the path we’re on, doing more of the same, tired things we’ve been frustrated with, we risk squandering our life.

There’s no bigger waste than not to share your gifts with the world.


We’ve all had goals we’d LIKE to achieve, but haven’t

The fact is, achieving goals is hard.

Here’s the biggest reason people DON’T achieve their goals:

  • having vague, general goals

You’re someone who has goals and dreams. Things you’d love to create and do in your life.

Fortunately, there’s an antidote to vague goals:

  • Get super specific

OK, so maybe this isn’t earth-shattering.

But don’t discount it: Being super specific about your goals makes it MUCH more likely you’ll actually achieve them.

What does it mean to get specific?

Most of us haven’t seen really specific goals, so it’s hard to create them for ourselves.

Here’s an example of a vague goal:

  • quit my job to do consulting full-time

Yes, nearly everyone who emails me lists this as a goal.

Sorry, guys & gals, it’s admirable, but being that vague virtually guarantees that a year from now, you’ll still be stuck at the same crappy job you’re doing right now.

Not exactly an inspiring vision for your life, is it?

Here’s a much better, very specific goal:

  • land 3 consulting gigs worth at least $2k each, from 3 different clients, within 90 days

Yes, this is based on the SMART goal framework, where you design your goal to be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Now, getting super specific about your goal is the first thing you need to fix.

But even if you have a very specific goal, there’s a second piece that nearly everyone gets wrong.

I want to keep today’s email short, so I’ll share that 2nd mistake and a very specific fix for it in my next email.

For now, I want you to email me your goal(s) for the year. It doesn’t matter whether they’re vague or specific.

Take just 10 seconds right now, and email me what you want to do this year.

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