More reader consulting mistakes, plus advice on how to fix

worst consulting mistakes

Let’s get right into it: today, I’m sharing 2 more reader consulting mistakes, but this time with my advice. (I also share another inspiring reader story).

First, Jeff B. sent me this:

Consulting mistake from Jeff B.

Ugh. A consultant making $12.50 an hour? That’s taking it on the chin.

Here’s how it could’ve been structured differently, even with the same flat $500 fee: Instead of flat-fee pricing or hourly pricing, since the CRM would be (I’m guessing) used for generating more business, what about a revenue share arrangement? You could even do the implementation for the flat $500 (which is still woefully under-priced), but also tack on the performance pricing–it’d be no-risk to the client unless they generate revenue, in which case, everyone wins.

Next, Kyle C. said this:

Worst consulting mistake from Kyle C.

Ah, yes, how to avoid the WTF? moment. 🙂

Here’s how I’d approach it. A change of scope means that the price changes. In this situation, since it sounds like it’s on-going work, I’d suggest a retainer arrangement, where you could offer 2 options: (1) a not-to-exceed a specified number of hours, and (2) unlimited support, where the unlimited option is priced quite high. You might be surprised: the client might go for the unlimited option, and for the first couple months, you might be working a great deal, then find the work tapers off as you systematize things.

These are the kinds of mindset shifts and frameworks that you’ll learn in the mini course that I opened yesterday: “Profit Pricing Formula: 5 days to proven pricing frameworks, without rejection, even if you’ve never gotten a client”.

Yep, it’s open now, but closes at midnight tomorrow, Wednesday, 9/24/2014.

See below for details and to get instant access.

OK, now for another success story:

consulting success story from Faith U.

Like Andrew M. who I mentioned yesterday, Faith U. lives in Africa, where consultants typically have an even tougher time getting started than in the U.S.

What’s more, Faith told me in a subsequent email that she actually created these results while taking care of her twin babies. Truly inspiring!

One thing I consistently hear from readers is that you want to create a profitable consulting business so you can have more flexibility, earn more, and spend more time with your family, especially those of you who have kids.

Over and over, I keep seeing you struggle and make mistakes with pricing.


  • You’re afraid you’ll under-charge and lose money or get paid less than minimum wage.
  • You’re afraid you’ll lose clients because you’re over-charging.
  • You’re afraid you’ll cave if they ask for a discount.
  • You’re afraid they’ll say “no” when you tell them your price.
  • You aren’t confident discussing pricing with clients.

Profit Pricing Formula: 5 days to proven pricing frameworks, without rejection, even if you’ve never gotten a client

I created this mini course to give you specific strategies and tactics to prevent making mistakes like:

  • getting pushback and rejection from clients when you discuss your pricing
  • underestimating projects
  • discounting yourself

Imagine how your business and your life would change if you could:

  • discuss pricing with confidence,
  • price projects profitably, and
  • have a toolbox of pricing strategies that create a win-win for you and your clients.

Course details

Profit Pricing Formula: 5 days to proven pricing frameworks, without rejection, even if you’ve never gotten a client

  • 5 short modules
  • you’ll get immediate access to the first module the minute you join
  • each subsequent module will be auto-delivered to you daily
  • theory and examples to apply to real-world situations
  • actionable homework that reinforces the lesson
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied

Now, it’s time to make a decision.

Profit Pricing Formula is open from until tomorrow, Wednesday, 9/24/2014, at midnight.

That’s just about 36 hours left to decide.

Click here to join and get instant access to the first module.

See you on the inside!


P.S. For this first-ever launch, I’ve priced it so anyone can afford it. When I re-open it (and I don’t know when that’ll be), the price will go up like I’ve done with my other courses.

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