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A lot of you are telling me you’re interested in the Breakthrough Consulting course, and I’m getting a lot of great feedback from you.  So, thanks–it’s great to get your input and to hear what you’re going through!

Because of all the interest, I’ve decided to do a sneak preview webinar so you can get a small taste of what’s going to be in the Breakthrough Consulting program.

Now, obviously, I can’t compress everything from a 10-week program into a 1-hour webinar, but during the webinar, I’ll talk about a few topics that will be in Breakthrough Consulting:

  • The biggest pitfall that trips up new and experienced consultants
  • The hidden habits that destroy your success (and how to eliminate them)
  • One of my top marketing secrets for attracting clients

It all happens Tuesday, 10/30/2012 at 9 p.m. Eastern / 6 p.m. Pacific.

Register now for the sneak peek webinar.


During the webinar, I’ll also talk about the Breakthrough Consulting program details:

  • When it starts
  • How we’re going to select who gets in
  • The “First 50” graduating class benefits
  • What the Breakthrough Consulting program investment will be
  • How to be one of the “First 50” people who will get 50% off the Breakthrough Consulting program

If you missed one of my past webinars, here’s what attendees said:

  • “The best spent 90 minutes of my career!” –David
  • “Biggest benefit: The confidence to embrace consulting!” –Shelley
  • “You gave a great presentation. You sure covered a lot of key areas. Thanks a lot for helping me get back on track.” -Robin

Is this information useful?

Well, here are just a few results that readers have achieved:

  • Just yesterday, I got e-mails from 2 readers, Kenmon P. and Bill B., who both DOUBLED their rates by using my tactics.
  • Mina B. said, “Now, I’m having meetings with clients, instead of staying stuck reading and researching.”
  • Andrew M. said, “My website is now listed on page 1 of Google as a result of the tips you provided. I am now getting free traffic I never thought possible.”

The results you’re getting are truly inspiring!

Reserve your spot now for the sneak peek webinar.


Now, go have a great weekend (after you register for the webinar)!

P.S. Did you register for the webinar? 🙂

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