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These are my most popular articles. They’re packed with hands-on tactics and strategies I used (and continue to use) to build and grow my 6-figure consulting business. These are the same strategies and tactics that allowed me to more than QUADRUPLE my former salary since I started a consulting business.

  1. How to set your rate
  2. The 1 question you need to answer when you start consulting
  3. 5 stupid things I did to get clients when I started my consulting business
  4. How I made the switch from employee to consultant
  5. Tired of scrambling for business? Surprising and proven ways to get new clients part 1 and part 2
  6. Ignore this at your own risk: How to find a profitable niche for your consulting business
  7. How to get more consulting work WITHOUT doing sales: Jedi mind tricks & magic elves
  8. The Start-Up Blueprint: From Zero To Launch

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