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How to get more consulting work WITHOUT doing sales: Jedi mind tricks & magic elves

magic elves

What if you could get more consulting work from clients & prospects WITHOUT doing any “sales”? You probably hate the idea of doing traditional sales–cold-calling, prospecting, and all the rest. I hate it too. But how do you get more consulting work without being sales-y? The trick isn’t to pitch the client something that they […]

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Tired of scrambling for business? Surprising, proven ways to get new clients: Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I talked about: the stress of having to constantly scramble for new business, how desperation is detrimental to your business, and several ways to snag new clients. Now, I’ll show you some additional ways you can find new clients.  All the techniques I talk about both in Part 1 of this […]

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