The FINAL call for access to some of my secret, proven tactics (and I need your input)

Balloon Fiesta; credit [NOTE: This is a follow up to my previous post, where I asked if you’d be interested in me building a free consulting resource kit.]

This week is big in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I live. For the past 40 years, Albuquerque has held the annual Balloon Fiesta, where roughly 800 hot-air balloons from around the world take off from a huge field on the north end of town. My kids’ especially like the giant special shape balloons, with everything from a castle, bees, pigs, a giant cow, and even Darth Vader–my son’s favorite.

The catch is that you have to wake up really early–like 5 a.m.–to get there in time for the mass lift-off. Now, I’m OK waking up that early, but my wife and daughter aren’t morning people. And then, after walking around the giant field, along with the huge crowds, eating breakfast burritos, etc., we’re usually pretty wiped out. Inevitably, every time we go, we get home and the rest of the day is shot–we’re lethargic and take monster naps. In any case, we’ll be there tomorrow morning.

As an added bonus, there’s a Greek Festival (yep, my dad was from Greece) that runs the same time as Balloon Fiesta. It’s a chance to stuff myself silly with Greek pastries. We usually make baklava and a few other Greek pastries in December to hand out to friends, teachers, and others, so that gives me another excuse to stuff my face again. It’s a dangerous time of year…

Update on the free resource kit, and the upcoming consulting program

Anywho, I wanted to give a quick update on what I mentioned in my earlier post. In case you didn’t have time to watch the entire video–yes, there was a lot in it–here’s a quick summary of what I covered in the video:

  • The ugly details on how I went from a job that sucked to creating my consulting business, and my mistakes, doubts, and fears along the way. I also described how I grew my consulting business from part-time to full-time, and quit my day job along the way–and how those changes transformed my life in ways I never imagined.
  • Why I created this blog: This blog is all about helping you create the lifestyle you dream about, avoid mistakes as you start and build your consulting business, and shortening the time it takes to create your success.
  • Since I created this blog, there’s been a flood of interest. There have been tens of thousands of readers, from over 160 countries, and I’ve been featured in some of the top websites, including Yahoo Finance, CNBC, Tech Republic, LifeHack, AllTop, Problogger, and others. Along the way, I’ve gotten tons of e-mails from you, thanking me for my inspiration and help. Interestingly, even though you come from an incredibly diverse group of backgrounds, you’re all wrestling with some of the same issues, questions, and struggles.
  • Because of that outpouring of interest, along with the huge lack of specific nuts-and-bolts info on how to start and build a successful consulting business, I realized that there’s a need for a systematic program to help you create the kind of consulting lifestyle you’ve dreamed about, avoid mistakes, and shorten the time needed to create your success.
  • I mentioned I’m thinking of making a resource kit–and over the past few days, plenty of people signed up to demonstrate there’s definitely enough interest in it.

Details on the free consulting resource kit

So, yes, there was an overwhelming interest in the resource kit–thanks to all of you who responded. Since some of you asked, the consulting resource kit will include info that is NOT in the Start-Up Blueprint or the Launch Checklist; in other words, this kit will contain completely new info.

Now, I’ve seen similar kits sell for nearly $100, but I’m giving it away for free because:

  • I like giving things away (like I’ve given away the Blueprint & Checklist a few times in the past),
  • to say THANK YOU for all your feedback and e-mails you’ve sent me, and
  • the info in the kit is essential to helping build a profitable consulting business in less time than you think.

I may include the resource kit in an official training program in the future–I haven’t decided yet.

What’s included in the free consulting resource kit

The free resource kit will include some of my secret and proven tactics, along with super-specific, easy-to-follow instructions to:

    • boost your rate 50% or more during your next client call, using my Don’t Blink Technique
    • find a profitable niche in less than an hour, using my Niche Success Equation
    • make your next prospect hungry for your services, using my Role Stacking Method

I’m also going to include:

  • a recorded interview of how I got started, how I got my first clients, how I determined my rate, and some of my marketing secrets.
  • a list of indispensable tools to help build & automate your consulting business

What I need from you

As I’m building the resource kit, I want to make sure I’m on the right track. So, I need your input on it, and would REALLY appreciate if you could fill out the super-short survey below.

So, even though I’ll probably take a nap after the Balloon Fiesta tomorrow and will have gorged myself on baklava, we’re still moving forward on this, so please fill out the survey below.


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