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The most common consulting mistake people make, and how to prevent it (Client Pipeline Mastery excerpt)

I’m excited to show this to you because it includes some of the deeper material from the Client Pipeline Mastery course — specifically, on selling. And though I reveal the power behind an ideal client profile, I also show how to prevent making the single biggest consulting mistake I see people make.

In short, you can crack the code and learn to systematically build a reliable pipeline of high-value clients, just like my other students have, and even ramp it into full self-employment.

Today, a powerful excerpt directly from the course.

I usually don’t show this material publicly because most people considering the course get hung on the “I don’t have a niche” or “I just need to figure it out” steps (aka limiting beliefs) at the beginning. They don’t have the vision to see and appreciate the value of powerful strategic concepts like these.

But I think you’ll understand how valuable it is to have proven strategies and tactics for each step in the process. (Plus, I spend the first module of the course helping you identify and crush your internal barriers and limiting beliefs, then showing you how you can identify a profitable niche. So by the time you start putting these concepts into practice, you can virtually guarantee they’ll work.)

Today, I want to show you the power behind an ideal client profile, and the most common mistake I see freelancers and consultants make:

If you’re serious about getting your first client or building a reliable pipeline — even a few hours a week can bring in thousands a year — Client Pipeline Mastery is a tested and proven system that’s worked for other students like you from a wide variety of backgrounds — from marketing, wellness, accounting, training, aerospace, management, and many others.

Don’t forget -— Friday (11/14/2014) is your last day to sign up and learn how to start systematically getting clients for yourself.

I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose —- but think about how transformative it could be to turn your efforts into side (or full-time) income, forever.

Click here to check out the full Client Pipeline Mastery course.

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Ashelyp84 - June 19, 2014 Reply

Good evening,
I am in the process of starting my consulting firm. I would like to do it part time for now. I would like to offer cloud storage and back up data services. What do you recommend? I read the Consulting Essential Ebook and you mentioned Dropbox under Client Info. Is Dropbox OK to use for clients backup data and storage? Thank you in advance. I am grateful I found your video on YouTube.


    Greg Miliates - July 8, 2014 Reply

    Hey, Ashely, thanks for your comment! I do on occasion use Dropbox for storing client-related files.

    One thing you might want to consider as you get started is that you need to make sure that your target niche wants what you have to offer. My hunch is that cloud storage and backup might be a fairly low-need item. If that’s what you find after talking with prospects in your niche, you’ll want to ask what their biggest problems are currently, and see if you can help solve those, since solving existing problems is far easier than trying to sell something that people don’t value.

      Ashelyp84 - July 9, 2014 Reply

      Thank you. I will do that!

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