USAToday: employees leaving corporate jobs to start businesses: when will you make your move?

USAToday recently posted an article that validates what a lot of us already knew:  that people are leaving corporate jobs to start their own businesses.

For many people, the rosy promise offered by corporate jobs has never materialized.  In decades past, corporations provided outstanding health benefits, pensions, and other benefits to employees and their families, along with job security.  But in our generation, we’ve seen those benefits erode, and many corporations view employees as expendable and as a cost rather than an asset.

In addition, nowadays, many corporations require people to work far past the traditional 40-hour work week, eroding personal time, and effectively lowering their hourly salary.

Instead, many are opting to start their own business.  While some take out loans and use credit cards to finance their business–something I do NOT advocate--it’s certainly possible to create a profitable business without taking on any debt.  As I’ve talked about in other posts, there are ways to start your consulting business for very little cash, using low-cost and free tools, all of which furthers your business objectives and keeps your risk low by eliminating the need to go into debt.

So the question is:  are you satisfied with your current job, or do you want to earn and achieve more?


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