What made you squirm

What's your excuse?

Judging from all the e-mails I received from my last post (19 Questions that will change you consulting business–and your life), I struck a nerve. Before I list the questions that many of you cited as being squirm-worthy, I want to point out that, yes, I wanted to make you squirm.

See, unless you’re uncomfortable, you won’t change.

Until you’re REALLY uncomfortable, you’ll stay stuck in the same rut–even if that rut happens to be truly awful.

Why? Because what we know can seem safer than the unknown. Think about that for a second. What we’re used to–even if it makes us feel horrible–seems preferable to something that’s unfamiliar even though the unfamiliar could end up being far better than our current (horrible) rut.

To quote Einstein: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

The things that made you squirm

Here’s a list of the top questions many of you said hit a nerve:

  • Have you been procrastinating taking action to start or grow your consulting business?
  • Do you question whether you can succeed?
  • Are you afraid you might not be able to earn enough consulting to replace your day-job salary?
  • Have you been stuck thinking that you need to learn more before you can start?
  • Are you afraid you can’t compete with larger, more established consulting companies?

Before I go any further, take a moment to take a look at WHAT you feel when you ask yourself one of the questions above.

What did you feel?

  • Scared?
  • Anxious?
  • Worried?
  • Frustrated?
  • Confused?

What it takes to change

I’ve heard it said that you won’t change until the pain of your current situation is greater than your fear of the unknown. Here’s a quick breakdown of some specific things you can do to change:

  • change your thoughts and mindset
  • change your behavior
  • choose 1 small, easy task to start with
  • focus on what it takes to get clients (instead of focusing on busywork)
  • put your fears in perspective: are they accurate and realistic?
  • find a mentor who knows what you’re trying to do, has been there, and can guide you (this is probably the most powerful of the options I’ve listed)

I could go into a lot of detail on exactly HOW to implement those tactics–and I actually do go into very specific detail for each of those tactics in Breakthrough Consulting–but suffice to say that change can be hard.

What do you need to create the change you want?

A huge number of you said that knowing how to find, engage, and convert prospects to clients would help create the kind of consulting business that brings in extra cash, builds financial security, and lets you escape from your day job. Having a system you use that consistently brings in clients and a consistent flow of consulting work is the foundation for a successful consulting business that will change your life.

Yes, I do talk about consulting rates, income, revenue, and money on this blog, but remember that money is simply the means for creating more freedom and having more choices in your life. Having more freedom lets you transform your life into what you want it to be.

Recall how you felt when you asked yourself those questions. Uncomfortable, wasn’t it? So do something to change–it’s within your power.

Here’s your next easy step

If you’re truly serious about consulting, you owe it to yourself to find out specifically how to find clients and create a reliable flow of clients and consulting work–that’s the foundation of your business. This Tuesday, 4/16/2013, I’ll be conducting a free webinar on exactly that: How to find, engage, and convert prospects to clients. Click the link below to register:


P.S. Again, this is a completely free webinar. Yes, I’ll do a short pitch at the end for Breakthrough Consulting, which also opens Tuesday, but 90% of the webinar will be focused on extremely high-value content, and specific strategies and tactics you can start implementing immediately.

I’ve said it before, but the value of even a single client is huge–potentially $5,000, $10,000, or even over $100,000 (yes, I have several clients who’ve paid me over $100k).

I guarantee this will be one of the most valuable hours you’ll ever spend. There’s a limit on how many people can attend, so register now to secure your spot for the free webinar: 


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Dave - April 11, 2013 Reply

Greg, I have registered. Is it required to attend this even live or will a replay be available? I should be able to attend, but it would be helpful to know.

    Greg Miliates - April 12, 2013 Reply

    Thanks! Unfortunately this webinar won’t be recorded–I’ve run into some problems in the past recording them. So, this will be a live-only webinar.

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