One of my top marketing secrets revealed during tonight’s webinar: a sneak peek at Breakthrough Consulting


The last few weeks have been moving at breakneck pace as we get ready to open the doors on the premium Breakthrough Consulting program.

Just to recap:

  • You’ve told me your biggest frustrations and problems in building a sustainable, profitable consulting business.
  • You’ve told me that you want to build a consulting business that gives you:
    • more income,
    • more flexibility,
    • more freedom,
    • the ability to quit your day job, and
    • live life on your own terms.
  • You’ve told me that a comprehensive system is needed to walk you through, step-by-step, how to build a profitable consulting business that can transform your life.

During tonight’s webinar, I’ll reveal one of my top marketing secrets for getting clients

During tonight’s webinar, I’m going to share one of my biggest marketing secrets. This technique is one of the most powerful tools I’ve found to actually pre-convert prospects into clients, and magnetically attract prospects to you.

What’s even better, it’s an automated process, which takes virtually no maintenance once you’ve set it up.

And it’s just one of the strategies included in Breakthrough Consulting.

So, save your spot now for tonight’s webinar to learn about this amazing marketing strategy, plus 2 other strategies that I’ll reveal from Breakthrough Consulting.

NOTE: tonight’s webinar will NOT be recorded.

Breakthrough Consulting opens tonight during tonight’s webinar

I’ll officially open the doors on Breakthrough Consulting during tonight’s webinar, and I’ll go over all the details:

  • when it starts
  • the program curriculum
  • the benefits and value you’ll receive
  • what your investment will be

How to get 50% off: the “First 50”

If you’re one of the First 50 participants who sign up for this premium product, you’ll get 50% off the final price. The trade-off is that you’ll need to be more engaged in giving me feedback on the materials, the format, etc. so I can hone Breakthrough Consulting to maximize your results.

And, as one of the First 50, you’ll also get discounts on future products, seminars, etc., as well as lifetime access to the Breakthrough Consulting course materials, updates, and additional material I add to it in the future.

What’s covered in Breakthrough Consulting

Here’s an overview of what’s going to be covered in Breakthrough Consulting. I’ve got more details that I’ll share during tonight’s webinar, but for now:

Week 1: Find and Eliminate Barriers

  • How to identify and eliminate fears, inner conflicts, and mindsets that prevent you from taking action.
  • Find the hidden stories that sabotage yourself, and how to rewrite them to ensure success.
  • The key tactics that force you to take action so you start getting results instead of sitting on the sidelines.

Week 2: Accelerate Your Progress and Maximize Your Results

  • The secret to creating an experimentation mindset, and why it’s essential.
  • The right way to test ideas, and how to determine what you should test.
  • How to leverage your results by identifying and focusing on your highest-value activities.

Week 3: Target a Profitable Consulting Niche

  • The most common pitfall that struggling consultants make, and how you can avoid it.
  • How to identify potential niches for your skills and experience.
  • The best way to refine and identify a profitable consulting niche.

Week 4: Find Your Prospects’ Most Urgent Problems

  • The mistake that struggling consultants keep making that kills their business.
  • Why you need to think like your clients.
  • How to talk to prospects so you can identify their biggest problems.
  • Turning problems into opportunities: how to capitalize on your prospects’ biggest problems.

Week 5: Connect to Prospects

  • The crucial skill that most consultants fail to develop.
  • The strategic way to use marketing channels to ensure your success.
  • How to identify and tap into the best-converting marketing channels in your niche.

Week 6: Turn Prospects Into Clients

  • The one thing that successful consultants do that converts prospects into clients.
  • How to identify and respond to objections from prospects without feeling sales-y.
  • The framework to use that converts prospects to paying clients who keep bringing you work.

Week 7: Pricing for Maximum Profitability

  • When to ignore your gut when pricing your services.
  • How to talk with clients so that price isn’t an issue.
  • How to price and position your services to charge more than competitors and still have plenty of work.

Week 8: Create Client Loyalty for Recurring Revenue

  • The key to making yourself indispensable for your clients.
  • Proven tactics to keep you in your client’s mind–and create a reliable pipeline of billable work.
  • How to strategically use your competition to actually get you MORE work (without bad-mouthing them).

Week 9: Automate and Maximize Revenue

  • The most reliable way to earn more while working less.
  • Why you need to automate your consulting business, and the key areas to start with.
  • How to leverage your time to earn more while reaching more clients.

Week 10: Making the Leap To Full-Time Consulting

  • The low-risk framework to decide when to quit your day job.
  • How to keep your benefits (health insurance, retirement, etc.) when you’re self-employed.
  • How not to gloat when talking to people who still have jobs they hate.

This information is incredibly valuable

Here are just a few results that readers have achieved using my strategies and tactics:

  • Just the other day, I got e-mails from 2 readers, Kenmon P. and Bill B., who both DOUBLED their rates by using my tactics.
  • Mina B. said, “Now, I’m having meetings with clients, instead of staying stuck reading and researching.”
  • Andrew M. said, “My website is now listed on page 1 of Google as a result of the tips you provided. I am now getting free traffic I never thought possible.”

In addition, as you know, I’ve posted my income for every month since I started my consulting business back in early 2007.

In 2007–my very first year consulting–the average value of each of my clients was over $4,000; that means, on average, each client paid me over $4,000. Even if I’d charged just HALF my hourly rate, an average client from back in 2007 would’ve paid me $2,000.

Since then, my average client value has gone up; in 2011, the average amount I billed a client has climbed to nearly $7,000. And remember, most consulting clients will continue to give you work over a long period–years, in fact.

And you don’t need many clients. In 2007, the first year I began consulting, I only billed 5 clients. But that brought me over $20,000. Yep, just 5 clients that year.

So, yes, the value of this material is huge–enough to literally transform your life.

How much would it be worth to you to have:

  • the flexibility to work when and where you want
  • the freedom to decide what kind of work and clients you want to accept
  • the ability to quit your day job and live life on your own terms, and even
  • earn more while working less?

Breakthrough Consulting is similar in some ways to a university course–except that universities don’t teach this material.

And even if they did offer something similar, you’d have to pay $2,000, $3,000, or even $5,000 for it.

Save your spot now for tonight’s webinar, and get in on one of my biggest marketing secrets

So, like I said earlier, I’m going to reveal one of my most successful marketing secrets during tonight’s webinar, plus 2 other strategies included in Breakthrough Consulting.

So, save your spot now for tonight’s webinar to get in on this strategy.

Oh, and I’ll also have a special bonus for tonight’s webinar attendees.

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