Are you interested? I need your opinion (plus, details on the Breakthrough Consulting program)

get your consulting questions answered [NOTE: Yes, this e-mail is a bit long, but it’s got some important details for you, so please read it though. If you already know you’re interested, go ahead and e-mail me with your thoughts.]

First, I wanted to showcase an inspiring story from Kenmon, a fellow reader here at the blog.  After going through the consulting resources kit, take a look at what he was able to achieve:

“I was presented with an opportunity to try out my new increased pricing structure based on your suggestion. I presented what I could do for [the client] and the cost, (2 times the amount I used to charge) and they responded with a check (monthly reoccurring).”

So, Kenmon not only DOUBLED his rate, but got RECURRING consulting work. That’s exactly the kind of action and results that can create real changes in your life. Congrats to Kenmon!

Now, on to today’s post:

Earlier this week, I sent out an e-mail asking for your input on the Breakthrough Consulting program–the premium consulting program I’m considering building (yes, it now has an official name). Thank you to those who responded–your answer was an enthusiastic YES on whether I should do it.

However, I need more input from you before I commit to doing it, since it’s going to be such a big project, and is going to take time–and revenue–away from my regular consulting work.

I also want to get your feedback on what’s going to be in it.

Breakthrough Consulting details

I also realized that you might need some more details to help you decide if you’d be interested in the program. Now, keep in mind that I’m still working things out and adjusting the details based on your input, but so far, here’s what it looks like:

  • Breakthrough Consulting will cover all the major topics needed to build a successful consulting business–whether you’re just starting or already have a consulting business. I’m still finalizing the details based on your feedback, but the major topics will be:
  1. Eliminate Barriers: How to identify and eliminate fears, thoughts, and mindsets that sabotage you and prevent you from taking action.
  2. Accelerate Your Progress and Maximize Your Results: How to create an experimentation mindset, test ideas, and leverage your high-value activities.
  3. Target a Profitable Consulting Niche: How to identify, refine, and research a profitable consulting niche.
  4. Find Your Prospects’ Most Urgent Problems: How to identify, understand, and capitalize on your niche’s biggest problems.
  5. Reach Prospects and Clients: How to identify and tap into the best-converting marketing channels in your niche.
  6. Get Clients: How to convert prospects to a paying clients who will keep bringing you work.
  7. Pricing for Maximum Profitability: How to price and position your services to charge more than competitors and still have plenty of work.
  8. Create Client Loyalty for Recurring Revenue: How to over-deliver your services to create loyal clients.
  9. Automate and Maximize Revenue: Steps for automating your consulting business and leveraging your time so you can earn more.
  • Breakthrough Consulting is going to be 10 weeks of weekly tutorials, including videos and homework, and will include live conference calls, and a members-only area.
  • Breakthrough Consulting will require you to take action, and accountability will be built in. No, I’m not going to scream and yell like a drill sergeant–but I want us all to help support each other along the way. Simply reading the course materials or watching the videos isn’t enough; taking action is what will get you to reach your goals and create tangible, measurable results.
  • I’ll walk you through each step of Breakthrough Consulting in a systematic way, so we’ll lay a solid foundation for a sustainable, profitable business.
  • Breakthrough Consulting is about taking concrete actions and getting measurable results.

Why this is important

Would you like to earn an extra $1,000 each month? I know, dumb question, right? Of course you’d like to earn more. An extra $1,000 each month gives you some wiggle room in your budget–and it’s not that hard to achieve.

Let’s break it down: $1,000 is only about 13 hours of work at $75/hour; that’s only about 3 hours per week. Would you be willing to give up 3 hours a week for an extra $1,000? I thought so.

If you haven’t started your consulting business, that first $1,000 seems like a huge task. You might even think that charging $75/hour seems unrealistic. But that’s only because you haven’t done it before.

If you already have a consulting business, maybe you want to scale it up to $2,000, $5,000, or $10,000 a month, but haven’t been able to figure out how.

Whatever situation you’re in, that extra income would put you on your way to creating the things you’ve told me you want in your life:

  • more freedom,
  • more flexibility,
  • more money,
  • maybe even quitting your job and working for yourself.

Those goals are realistic. A part of you might not believe it, but you CAN achieve those goals.

You could try slogging through it the hard way–and maybe you have–but I’d like to help, since I’ve already gone through it, and have built systems in my own business to solve the biggest challenges.

Breakthrough Consulting will give you the proven tools and structure to reach your goals.

What’s holding you back?

No clients? Charging to little? Prospects aren’t interested?

Those are all problems I’ve had and have figured out how to solve. Like I said, I’ve built systems in my own business that solve these problems, and am ready to show you.

Are you interested?

If you might POTENTIALLY be interested in Breakthrough Consulting, then please e-mail me to let me know:

  1. The biggest benefit you’d want to get, and
  2. What’s been holding you back so far?

If you’re one of the “First 50”

Like I mentioned in the earlier e-mail, if you’re one of the First 50 participants in this premium product, you’ll get 50% off the final price. The trade-off is that you’ll need to be more engaged in giving me feedback on the materials, the format, etc. so I can hone Breakthrough Consulting to maximize your results.

And, as one of the First 50, you’ll also get discounts on future products, seminars, etc., as well as lifetime access to the Breakthrough Consulting course materials, updates, and additional material I add to it in the future.

If you’re not sure

Think about this: where will you be 2 months from now?

Will you still be thinking, reading, and researching–and maybe complaining about your job, or frustrated that you can’t make any progress on your consulting business? Or will you be taking action in a systematic way and seeing the results of your efforts?

So, if you’re POTENTIALLY interested in Breakthrough Consulting, then please e-mail me to let me know:

  1. The biggest benefit you’d want to get, and
  2. What’s been holding you back so far?
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