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Greg Miliates
I’m Greg Miliates. I started my consulting business in 2007, and within 15 months was able to ditch my day job.I QUADRUPLED my former salary, and have more financial security and flexibility than any “real” job.Starting my business changed my life, and I’m here to show you what I learned.
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Wouldn’t you like to:

  • Earn more?

  • Have more freedom & flexibility?

  • Have more financial security?

  • Quit your day job–and completely transform your life?

If these sound like you:

  • “I want to start a consulting business, but I don’t know where to start…”
  • “I already have a consulting business, but I’m struggling to get clients and more work…”

Breakthrough Consulting is the systematic, step-by-step premium program that’s guaranteed to deliver results: Boost your rate 50% or get at least 1 new client.

You can get started right now–for free–with some of the tools available exclusively to Breakthrough Consulting members. At the moment, Breakthrough Consulting is closed, but you can STILL get the free tools, and get on the list to be notified when Breakthrough Consulting opens again.

  • 11 Proven Ways To Get Clients
  • How to Set Your Rate
  • The 5-minute test to see if your niche is worthwhile
  • Make your next prospect hungry for your services
  • Boost your rate by over 50% during your next client call
  • Create Your Professional Website For Under $100
  • How I made the switch from employee to consultant

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