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How to set your rate (free download)

Hourly consulting rate

You’ve seen a zillion articles that agonize over complicated hourly consulting rate calculations written by people who charge middle-of-the-road prices (the same people who are either afraid to or don’t know how to compete at the top of their market). If you want to charge mediocre rates, look elsewhere. If you choose to keep reading, […]

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Do you need a business plan?

First off, let me acknowledge that most any business textbook or other traditional source of business info will tell you that the first thing you should do even BEFORE you start a business is to write up a business plan.  And that can be good advice. But for most folks–and I think especially for a […]

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Value what you provide

When you start consulting, it can be easy to devalue the service you provide.  Even as you become a more seasoned consultant, devaluing your services can creep into your projects and practices, so it pays (literally) to guard against it. When you start a consulting business, your first priority is to get clients–and, of course, […]

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