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Client Pipeline Mastery — Bonus Materials




Actual 4-Figure Proposals (3 of them) ($97 value)
Actual 5-Figure Proposals (3 of them) ($97 value)
Script: Get through gatekeepers and reach decision makers ($47 value)
Script: Get decision makers to open up to you ($47 value)
Guide: Ultra-specific market and prospect filtering framework ($47 value)
The Start-Up Blueprint: ($67 value) My nuts-and-bolts guide to getting started, along with some of the tools I’ve personally used for running my business.
The Launch Checklist: ($27 value) My quick-start guide to evaluating your business idea, sample cold-calling script, and checklist for getting your business off the ground.

If you want to download the audio so you can listen to it on your iPod or phone, I’ve also included the audio download below:
Client Pipeline Mastery -- Week 1 -- Barriers
And last but perhaps even more important than the audio & video is the homework. To maximize your results from Client Pipeline Mastery, it’s crucial that you complete the homework. Try not to rush through it; take you time and reflect on it, and you’ll get even more out of it. Here are the links to the homework:

Client Pipeline Mastery -- Week 1 -- Homework -- BarriersClient Pipeline Mastery -- Week 1 -- Homework -- Barriers

Identify a Profitable Niche:

To access the materials, click the following link:

To view the materials on that page, you’ll need to enter the following password (it’s case-sensitive):

In addition, you’ll want to check out the following guide that walks you through identifying a laser-focused niche that’s virtually guaranteed to be profitable:
Client Pipeline Mastery -- Week 1 -- Homework -- Niche

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