Getting personal…and FINALLY doing what you’ve told me to do

Time for change

Most of the time on this blog, I give information about how to start and run a profitable consulting business.

But, today is a bit different.

I want pull back the curtain a little bit and share something more personal. Here goes.

Last month, I had a birthday. Now, every time my birthday rolls around, like a lot of people, I think of it as my own personal “New Year” where I have a chance to reflect on the previous year, and think about what I want to change and accomplish personally and professionally in the coming year. I look back at the previous year, decide what I want to change, and make some exciting goals for the coming year. Most people do the same thing on their birthday, since the passing of a year makes you focused on how short our time is.

Here are a few examples of goals I’ve made in the past:

  • exercise more regularly
  • take my kids backpacking at least once a year
  • work less
  • volunteer in my kids school (I LOVE doing this–it energizes me for the rest of the day)
  • be more present when I’m not at work
  • meet at least 1 new person each month
  • travel to Greece (still working on this one…)
  • be more patient
  • start an entrepreneurs networking group
  • take my kids to the Grand Canyon
  • get together with friends more regularly
  • start an entrepreneurship class at my kids’ school
  • work with my wife so we can stick to our budget more consistently
  • take short breaks during my work day (I’ve found that short breaks help re-energize me and make me more productive)
  • put things away after I’m done with them (yes, it’s tempting to leave that book I’d like to read on the nightstand, but if I never read it, it just piles up into an ugly heap that stresses me out about all the things I “should” be doing)
  • plan each week’s work in advance
  • watch less TV
  • hike more regularly (I’ve found this is a great way to decompress, and turn ideas around in my head)

The list goes on. Some of the goals were big and some were small, but they all focused on creating something new, as well as evolving and improving myself.

But this year felt different

This year, I’m looking at making some HUGE shifts in my life and my business. Maybe it’s because my son started middle school a few weeks ago, and I can see how quickly time is passing–in just a few short years, he’ll be out of the house. In any case, this year has been different, and it’s gotten me to think bigger and look at making bigger changes.

One of the biggest things that I’ll make this year is about YOU

Huh? Yep, absolutely. Over the years, I’ve found that my biggest successes have come from focusing on what I can give to others. Here at Start My Consulting Business, I’ve greatly appreciated the outpouring of comments, e-mails, and feedback I’ve gotten from you.

I’ve experienced firsthand how it’s possible to dramatically transform your life by creating a profitable consulting business–where you earn more, have more financial security, and have WAY more flexibility and freedom than at any day job. It’s been extremely gratifying to hear how I’ve helped you create some of those changes in your own lives. You’ve told me what’s important to you, and that’s helped me know exactly what topics to cover, what your biggest challenges are, and how I can help you reach your goals.


There’s one REALLY BIG request you’ve made that I’ve been holding back on

I’ve had a lot of you ask me to do something ever since I launched Start My Consulting Business 18 months ago, but I’ve been hesitant to do it.

I’m contemplating changing my mind and giving you what you’ve been asking for.

But, I’m nervous because it means sharing more of myself and my business with you than I have in the past. And I’m also going to need your help.

Anyway, that REALLY BIG request is . . . . (stay tuned until next time)

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