How I made the switch from employee to consultant

Make the switch

I’m really excited about this, because a lot of people ask me about my story and how I got started consulting, and I’m getting to share it in detail.

Does this describe you?

  • You haven’t started freelancing/consulting, and are wondering how to get started–especially if you already have a day job.
  • You’ve already done some freelancing/consulting on the side, and are wondering how you can grow it so you can kick your day job to the curb.

Sound familiar?

I can totally relate.  I’m always interested in people who have made things happen, and I’m especially curious about how they started.  What did they do?  What concrete steps did they take?  How did they get past roadblocks and mental barriers?  And how can I learn from their experience?

Check out the interview

I recently did an interview with Michael Zipursky, founder of Consulting Buzz, where I talk about how I got started, my initial fears and mental barriers, how I got my first clients, and how I grew my business into a full-time income.  If you’re nosy like me and want real income numbers, I give them, including my rate, former salary, etc.

You can listen to the interview on the Consulting Buzz website or by clicking the audio player below:

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I really enjoyed sharing my story, and I hope you can learn something from it to move yourself toward your goals.

Make your efforts snowball


After the interview, I was thinking a bit more about how I got from where I started (at a day job) to where I am (fully self-employed).  One of the biggest things that got me where I am was to take consistent action over time.  There’s nothing new about this, but it can be hard.  Old habits die hard.  It’s easier to sit and watch TV instead of doing something more difficult.  Sometimes it’s easier to stick with a bad situation that’s familiar rather than heading into something that’s unknown.

But I’ve learned that taking actions–even small actions–consistently add up to large changes over time.

It’s like making a snowball:  each snowflake is tiny, but many together can make a giant, unstoppable snowball.

What are you waiting for?

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Nweze Ozoemenam - March 16, 2012 Reply

Thanks alot for giving me a lot of helpful clues on starting off. I’m one of those guys who have alot to offer but don’t know where to start from or even how to start. The truth is I’m often scared to start off. Thanks for giving me more confidence to match out.

    Greg Miliates - March 16, 2012 Reply

    Sure thing–thanks for your comment!

    What I found was most helpful for me when I was just getting started was to do something each & every day, and to write down what I did. That way, I saw that I was making progress, and could see myself moving forward over time.

    One of the things you might consider starting off doing is identifying your niche, and doing some research on how big your niche is, the competition, prevailing rates, etc. If you’re deciding between multiple niches, you can create a spreadsheet to list each niche’s characteristics so you can more easily compare them.

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