It’s my birthday today. Will you do me a favor?

4 years old

4 years oldYes, asking for my own gift is a bit strange, but I’m going to do it anyway.

Will you share one specific thing that Start My Consulting Business (or the Start-Up Blueprint or the Launch Checklist) has helped you do this year? This can be anything concrete and measurable: overcoming a barrier, shifting your mindset, defining your niche, getting your first client. Maybe it has nothing to do with your consulting business at all–maybe something I wrote helped you at your day job or in your personal life.

The reason I created this site is to help YOU overcome the problems and challenges you face starting your own consulting business–especially to help you figure out how to get more done in weeks than you’ve done in years. One of the biggest benefits I’ve found from starting my own business is that I feel more empowered than I ever did as an employee; from talking to dozens of other consultants, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, they’ve echoed the same thing. That transformation is something I want to help you build in your own life.

I want to show you how incredibly empowering it is to create a successful consulting business that can literally change your life, your worldview, and the lives of those around you.

Nothing could be better than hearing how I’ve helped you.

So, please take a moment to:

  • leave a comment on this post, or
  • upload a video to YouTube and tag it “StartMyConsultingBusiness”, or
  • tweet me at @GregMiliates and use the #StartMyConsultingBusiness hashtag, or
  • e-mail me.

The more specific, the better. Share a story. Tell me how Start My Consulting Business helped you get a client, raise your rate, automate your marketing, take action, shift your mindset–whatever. Provide specific, concrete #’s. Tell me what it meant to you.

It would make my day.

Thanks a ton!

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Ben - September 9, 2012 Reply

Happy Birthday
I am a new visitor. Great to see your success story
I consult but am still trading time for money.
Have you read Tim Ferris 4 hour work week? Inspirational book. Although Tim is a very clever guy.
What about looking at the Pareto principle for your client list , may enable you to have more money and less working time??

    Greg Miliates - September 9, 2012 Reply

    Thanks for your comment! Yes, I love the 4 Hour Work Week–very inspirational. It was one of the books that inspired me to look at other revenue sources (I also have an app that I’m marketing with a business partner). And, yes, Tim Ferriss is very smart–but he doesn’t work anywhere near 4 hours a week; I suspect it’s more like 50, but that it’s his choice.

    Yes, consulting is trading time for money, but at a much higher rate than a day job. In addition, there are opportunities to create re-sellable products to clients which leverage your time and boost your revenue even further. Not completely automated, but then again, completely passive income is pretty much a myth; it takes hard work to generate any kind of revenue. The key is working hard on the right kind of business model.

    As for the Pareto principle, I haven’t done that so much with my client list, though I don’t work with difficult clients, and jettison them if I see that they’re high-maintenance/low-value. I have a solid core of clients that’s provided me with consistent business though, and I’m always looking to grow them and develop new clients into high-value clients.

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