Monthly Income Report: Recap

Going forward, I’ll be posting my monthly income summary, but first, I wanted to recap my income since I started my own consulting business.

Why am I posting my income online?

  • I want to show how much you can earn as a freelance consultant.  My results may not be typical, etc., but hopefully it’ll give you an idea of what’s possible.
  • Posting my income online will keep me motivated to push forward and continue to make my business even more successful.

On to the numbers!

Billed revenue recap Billed hours recap
Average hourly rate recap Number of clients billed recap

And here’s the raw data behind the charts:

4-year recap

As you may notice, the first several months after I started my consulting business was a bit slow.  It also took me a while to get more clients, but things gradually kept growing, and I feel like I’m in a solid place now.

In addition, in November 2009 as well as in December 2010, I had a couple large projects which were unusual–in a good way–and so they ended up boosting my income for those months.  For December 2010, my large-project client also asked me to bill them before the end of the year so they could post the expense in 2010; as a result, my January 2011 income is less than it would typically be, since I invoice clients the month after I do work for them (i.e., I send my invoices the first week of the month for the prior month’s work).

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