19 questions that will change your consulting business (and your life)

get your consulting questions answered

You’re here because you want to start and grow a profitable consulting business that will change your life. Maybe you want to: quit your crappy job earn more money have more freedom and flexibility spend more time with your kids work for yourself create a more consistent flow of consulting work have more financial security Whatever […]

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How to virtually guarantee you’ll do what you’ve been procrastinating: the Motivation Chaining Method


When I first started my consulting business, I knew I needed to call prospective clients, but I kept putting it off. Each day, I’d put the same to-do on my list (“call prospective clients”), and each day, I wouldn’t do it. Instead, I’d feel stressed about it, overwhelmed about not knowing how to go about […]

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The experiment that boosted my consulting rate 70%, and what it means for you

Consulting revenue chart

One of the things I emphasize on this blog is the benefit of experimentation. Without experimenting, I wouldn’t have been able to do things like raise my consulting rates over the years, or tap into new marketing channels which have brought me some of my biggest clients. Experimentation is one of the best ways to […]

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Ask the readers: Is it realistic to double your consulting rate?

If you’re just starting out consulting, going from your salaried rate of, say, $30/hour, to a consulting rate of $60/hour–or even $80/hour or $125/hour–usually seems crazy and unrealistic. If you’ve been consulting for a while, doubling your consulting rate may still seem insane–you don’t want to lose clients and/or business. After all, if the price […]

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