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A couple weeks ago, I did a free workshop on How To Get Clients. There was an incredible amount of interest, and because of that enthusiastic outpouring (my email was flooded with people who wanted to attend), I’m going to do another workshop.

But this workshop will be different–very different

In the last workshop, we only had time to cover the proven framework for how to get clients at a high level, without going into much detail. I did cover a few specific examples of how the framework can be applied, but we didn’t have time to dig deeper.

Based on your feedback, you wanted more.

So, for this workshop, I’ll go into the framework in depth.

In fact, I’ll cover more info than I’ve ever shared.

Like I mentioned in the earlier workshop, I’ve taken a deep dive into the framework before–in my Breakthrough Consulting premium course, where I take a week to cover each piece of the framework. So, yes, there’s a lot to cover.

In this workshop, I’ll go into depth on exactly:

  • how to identify potential consulting niches,
  • how to narrow down which are likely to be the most profitable, and
  • specific strategies to validate your consulting niche.

And, yes, I’ll cover more than I’ve ever shared before, AND I’ll be answering YOUR questions about your specific situation. Throw me your worst–I’m here to help.

Think you already have a consulting niche?

Even if you THINK you’ve already identified your consulting niche, I can virtually guarantee that there are:

  • things you’ve missed,
  • things you could improve,
  • things you’re currently doing that are making it difficult to get clients, and
  • specific strategies & tactics you’ll learn during this workshop that will help you get past your current struggles.

How long will the workshop be? Well, I’m planning 60 minutes, but depending on how many questions you have, I’ll go as long as needed to make sure I cover everything in depth AND answer all your questions along the way.

Will this workshop be recorded?

Yes, I’ll record this workshop.

BUT, the recording will ONLY be available to those who register for the workshop. If the workshop day & time conflict with your schedule, you’ll still be able to access the full recording.

When is the workshop?

The workshop will be Tuesday, 8/20/2013, at 8 p.m. Eastern time. But remember, even if you can’t make the live workshop, by registering for it, you’ll get access to the recording. You can even email me your questions before the webinar, and I’ll answer them during the workshop.

One last detail

To ensure that I can provide the best, most useful content to help you move forward with your consulting business, and to ensure attendees full participation, there will be a small $29 fee to attend this workshop.

However, you’ll get a 100% purchase credit on your $29 payment.

Like I’ve mentioned before the last workshop, I’m working on something big to help you get clients (which I’ll release early next month), and this workshop will be part of the bigger project I’m working on.

To reward your early participation, you’ll get 100% credit on the price you pay for this workshop when I release the full course that I’m working on.

Here’s how it’ll work:

  • You sign up for the workshop and pay the small $29 fee.
  • When I release the full course early next month, you’ll get a 100% credit toward the price of the full course.
  • That means, you get an immediate $29 discount on the full course.

You have 2 choices

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Reserve your spot by registering now.
  2. Or, you can think about it and try to “figure it out” on your own. (OK, let’s face it, that essentially means doing nothing. But you don’t really want to keep struggling, do you? You already know how that’s been working out.)

I’m looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday!

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