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Whew! It’s finally here! The Start-Up Blueprint is available!

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I’m really excited about this, because this is the blueprint I wish I had when I started out, which covers practical, hands-on tactics that are real-world and actionable. I show you how to avoid the mistakes I made, and walk you through step-by-step on how to identify a profitable niche–even before you do anything else on your business.

Day jobs suck

We’ve all had jobs that were horrible. You probably have one now, and as you’re reading this, you’re probably either wishing you weren’t at work, or reading this at home wishing you didn’t have to go back to work.

What if you didn’t need a day job?

But what if you didn’t have a boss? Or if you didn’t have to go to any boring, nonsensical meetings? Or didn’t have to deal with ridiculous corporate policies?

What if you got paid what you’re worth? What if you could take time off when you wanted to? What if you got paid to help people? What if you could double, triple, or quadruple your salary?

How you can capitalize on the outsourcing trend

Roughly 30% of the U.S. workforce is composed of freelancers/consultants, according to CNN, The Atlantic, AOL’s Daily Finance, and Over the next decade, that proportion will continue to grow as businesses remain slow to hire and look instead for temporary workers to fill the gap. If you think your job is safe, think again. The best way to have job security is to create your own job and get income from multiple sources. Do you want to take your chances in the corporate world, or would you rather take control of your life?

You might be tempted to complain about businesses outsourcing, but it’s actually an incredible opportunity for people like us who have a freelance/consulting business.

Within 18 months of starting my consulting business, I ditched my day job, have QUADRUPLED my salary, and have MORE financial security.

If you already have a business or want to start one

If you’ve wanted to start your business or even if you have a business, the Start-Up Blueprint will:

  • get you started fast,
  • show you the most efficient way to identify your most profitable niche, and
  • show you how to get clients by leveraging your marketing efforts for maximum effect.

Forget old-school business advice that doesn’t move you forward

Rather than tired, old-school business tasks, I’ll tell you exactly what to do to snag clients and start generating cash. Spend 3 months on a business plan that you’ll stuff in a drawer? No way! Print costly brochures, send them out, and get no response? Don’t waste your time & money. Sit by the phone waiting for it to ring? The hell with that.

You need to take action–the right kind of actions that move you directly toward a profitable business. That’s exactly what the Start-Up Blueprint will do.

A comprehensive, step-by-step blueprint for results-oriented action

The Start-Up Blueprint covers:

  • planning,
  • market research,
  • niche selection,
  • testing viability of your idea,
  • marketing tactics,
  • how to choose your essential tools,
  • tracking your time, invoicing clients, and getting paid, and
  • how to keep motivated along the way.

You’ll get access to:

  • 10 videos,
  • 10 downloadable audio files, and
  • 4 worksheets that step you through the whole process.

Limited-time introductory offer, and a special bonus

For 1 week–until midnight, December 13th–I’m offering a 40% discount on the regular price.

In addition, the first 15 people to purchase the Start-Up Blueprint will get access to an exclusive, live 1-hour webinar, where you’ll be able to ask me questions about YOUR business.

And, it all comes with a risk-free, 100% money-back guarantee.

Interested? Then you can either click the button below to get access, or take a closer look at what you’ll get.

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