Start-Up Blueprint

Hate the way things are going?

Tired of your long commute? Your lousy boss? A stressful job that isn’t secure and doesn’t pay you what you’re worth?

Do you want to have more freedom and make more money?

Would you rather get checks or bills in the mail?

It’s the economy, stupid (and how to take advantage of it)

Roughly 30% of the workforce in the U.S. are freelancers/consultants. According to CNN, The Atlantic, AOL’s Daily Finance, and, the proportion of freelancers/consultants will continue to grow over the next decade as businesses remain slow to hire and look instead for temporary workers to fill the gap. If you think your job is safe, think again. The best way to have job security is to create your own job and get income from multiple sources. Do you want to take your chances in the corporate world, or would you rather take control of your life?

You might be tempted to complain about businesses outsourcing, but it’s actually an incredible opportunity for people like us who have a freelance/consulting business.

I’m cautious, cheap, and risk-averse, but I’ve been able to build a successful business. For years, I wanted to start a business. But once I started my consulting business, I wished I’d done it a lot earlier.

Why? The first month I consulted, I earned over $1,300. In the handful of months that followed, I earned an extra $3,000 per month in my spare time. When I decided to work a little harder, I made over $6,000 per month–again, in my spare time. Within 18 months, I had completely ditched my day job. No boss, no commute, no inane corporate policies or meetings. I’ve QUADRUPLED my salary (I’ve posted my income elsewhere on this site).

I know this sounds like a late-night infomercial, but it’s been the trajectory of my life since starting my business in January 2007–during the worst economy in the past 70 years.

In your ideal world…

Imagine you have no commute. You choose what projects & clients you take on. You get to set your own hours–maybe you can take a yoga class a few times a week during the day, or maybe you want to volunteer in your kids’ school. You can take the dog for a walk in the middle of the day, or meet friends for lunch. If you have credit card debt, imagine what a relief it’d be to pay it off. Picture your bank statement with a sizable emergency fund.

This isn’t a pipe dream. I’ve been able to achieve those things, but only because I took action and created my own business.

The Start-Up Blueprint is the guide I wish I had starting out. Instead of dry–and often impractical–old-school business advice, the Start-Up Blueprint contains info and tactics you can’t find in any book or course. I have a different approach, and use real-world, applied, and practical tactics to get you up & running fast. Don’t spend weeks or months spending time on old-school tasks that never get you earning money. The Start-Up Blueprint will get you up & running in as little as a weekend.

If you’ve wanted to start your business or even if you have a business, the Start-Up Blueprint will:

  • get you started fast,
  • show you the most efficient way to identify your most profitable niche, and
  • show you how to get clients by leveraging your marketing efforts for maximum effect.

Could you get this information on your own? Maybe, but it’s taken me 5 years to learn it. You could spend months getting the info and learning it on your own, or you could get the Start-Up Blueprint and have the information and tactics RIGHT NOW.

By using the Start-Up Blueprint, you’ll be up & running your business faster. Starting your business 1 month, 2 months, or 3 months sooner could mean thousands of dollars in revenue you gain instead of sitting on the sidelines waiting for that magical “something” to happen. THIS–the Start-Up Blueprint–is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

What you’ll miss by NOT buying:

  • You’ll miss the chance to be up & running within days instead of weeks or months–or never.
  • You won’t know how to properly research your idea to see if it’s profitable BEFORE you spend time on your business.
  • You’ll miss out on specific tactics for how to leverage your marketing efforts, and start your business on the cheap–which could cost your thousands of dollars over time.

What you get in the Start-Up Blueprint

The Start-Up Blueprint covers:

  • planning,
  • market research,
  • niche selection,
  • testing viability of your idea,
  • marketing tactics,
  • how to choose your essential tools,
  • tracking your time, invoicing clients, and getting paid, and
  • how to keep motivated along the way.

You’ll get access to:

  • 10 videos,
  • 10 downloadable audio files, and
  • 4 worksheets that step you through the whole process.

Comparable courses through university continuing education departments cost between $300-$500, and don’t give you the same kind of practical, hands-on instruction targeted to starting & building your freelance/consulting business.

And at my hourly rate, you’d have to pay $350 or more for the same information.

Even better, the Start-Up Blueprint will pay for itself many times over if you follow my advice on cost savings, how to select a profitable niche, and what not to buy when you start your business. Besides, the Start-Up Blueprint will have you generating revenue sooner, and a month or 3 of revenue is worth WAY more than you’ll pay for the Start-Up Blueprint.

So how much does it cost?

You’ll get access to:

  • 10 videos,
  • 10 downloadable audio files, and
  • 4 worksheets that step you through the whole process.

all for just $67.

To make it even better, if you buy both the Launch Checklist AND the Start-up Blueprint, you’ll get a 20% discount. That means you can get BOTH for a few bucks more than the cost of the Start-up Blueprint alone. It’s a sweet deal!

100% money-back guarantee

I’m so confident about the value of the Start-Up Blueprint, that if you work through the steps in it and still can’t start your business, I’ll give you a full refund. See? No risk.

Get started NOW!

To get started right away, click the “Start NOW!” button below.

You’ll be directed to a PayPal page, where you’ll enter your payment info (you can pay via PayPal or credit card).

After you pay, you’ll receive an e-mail with a link. The e-mailed link will open a web page which links you to the password-protected page, and gives you the password to view the protected content.

Enter your password on the page, and the page will automatically reload with the protected content, including 10 videos, 10 audio downloads, and 4 downloadable worksheets.

Ready? Stop sitting on the sidelines, and get started NOW!

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