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How to virtually guarantee you’ll do what you’ve been procrastinating: the Motivation Chaining Method


When I first started my consulting business, I knew I needed to call prospective clients, but I kept putting it off. Each day, I’d put the same to-do on my list (“call prospective clients”), and each day, I wouldn’t do it. Instead, I’d feel stressed about it, overwhelmed about not knowing how to go about […]

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Guest article roundup


In case you hadn’t seen, I’ve been busy writing guest articles around the web lately, and wanted to let you all in on what I’ve been up to. Writing guest articles on other sites helps promote Start My Consulting Business to people who might not otherwise know about us. So, here’s the roundup of some […]

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Ashamed you can’t overcome (or don’t know about) your biggest challenge?

No business motivation

I’m lazy. I’d rather leave something laying around than put it away. I hate housework. And yardwork. And doing my taxes. And sometimes even doing billable work. There’s lots of stuff I’d rather be doing. Like reading books. Napping. Watching TV. Surfing the internet. Hiking. The list is endless. You too? I thought so. We’ve […]

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