The mistake that nearly killed my consulting career (and how to star in a Vegas show)

How a 7-toed cat can get you a Vegas show

How a 7-toed cat can get you a Vegas showIn case you haven’t seen it, I have an article on TechRepublic on why it’s important to be in a consulting niche. I won’t give away how to get your own Vegas show, but as I learned while writing the article, it’s surprising how much consulting and having your own Vegas show have in common.

Think you know everything about targeting a consulting niche? Think again.

Even if you think you already have a solid consulting niche, or have read some of my posts on how to find a profitable niche, there’s still more to learn.

If you haven’t read what I’ve said about finding a consulting niche, I recommend the following article series:

And if you’re not convinced that you need to be in a niche, go and read my TechRepublic article now. Why? Well, you’ll see EXACTLY how valuable being in a niche can be, since I show you how much I earn in my consulting niche compared to how much I could earn if I tried to consult in the general marketplace.

Being in a consulting niche makes marketing easier

While being able to charge a higher bill rate is nice–well, REALLY nice–it’s also important to make sure you can:

  • get plenty of work,
  • find clients easily, and
  • have little competition.

All those factors increase the chances that your consulting business will be successful, and also ensure that you won’t have to continually struggle to find enough work.

Being basically lazy, I like to set things up so that I have to do less work. And in the case of a niche, there are several things you can do to automate your marketing so that clients find you instead of you having to continually make cold calls. There are few things I dislike more than cold calls.

One of the cool things about being in a niche is that it’s easier to stand out and get noticed, and when you become known in a niche, you’ll find that clients find you instead of you having to spend time to find them.

But how do I star in a Vegas show?

Oh, I almost forgot. If you’re itching to be in a Vegas show, check out my TechRepublic article. And here’s a clue: If you have a 7-toed cat, you’re already halfway there.

TechRepublic: The mistake that nearly killed my consulting career

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