Your worst consulting stories–and how to prevent these mistakes

worst consulting mistakes
I’ve been getting some REALLY interesting emails from you about the biggest, worst consulting stories & mistakes you’ve made with pricing.
Here are 2 I want to share where LOTS of money was lost:
W.B.'s worst consulting mistake: how she lost out on nearly doubling her consulting rate
and:Joe's worst consulting mistake: how he lost out on $30,000 revenue
Have you been in a similar situation–wanted the work or the client or thought/hoped it’d lead to further work?
Are you afraid you’ll make similar consulting mistakes–maybe working for HALF of what you’re worth, or lose out on $10’s of thousands of dollars in income?
Quick reminder: I’ll be opening the pricing mini course on Monday, 9/22, and will send details on what it’ll include and how to sign up.
  1. When did wanting the project/client sabotage you? How much time or money did you lose?
  2. How would being able to present a fair price confidently change things for you? Would you be able to land better clients? Higher-value projects? Earn an extra $1,000, $5,000, or $10,000 per project or per month?

Email me or comment below–I can’t wait to hear.

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